Meet Dr. Mary Harrell

Dr. Mary Harrell, is a Board Certified dentist, a mother of four, and a passionate advocate for her local community. She has earned degrees in the field through UTSA and UT Dental School, San Antonio. While she grew up in the Dallas area, she has practiced in San Antonio and Austin as well. She is currently working in Sugar Land with her husband Dr.Tyson Harrell, whom she opened a practice with in the local community.

Dr. Harrell began active practice in the year 2000 and believes in offering the best technology to the local community. She continues to seek higher education in order to keep up with changes in the field of dentistry. Her clinic offers the best technology from lasers to low-radiation x-ray. If there is something new to make patients more comfortable or serve patients better, Dr. Harrell is dedicated to bringing it to Sugar Land.

Dr. Harrell’s specialty is dental implants. She completed the prestigious Dental Preceptorship in Implantology, and is a Fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.