Does Your Dentist in Sugar Land TX Still Use Silver Fillings?

Remember when brushing and flossing your teeth each day was the only thing you worried about when it came your smile? Now, within moments of turning on your television you can be bombarded with commercials for whitening toothpastes, home whitening kits, and images of Hollywood stars’ perfect porcelain veneer smiles.  Teeth have become a part of the social focus these days and you might find yourself worrying about all those silver fillings in your own mouth.  It turns out there might be more to worry about than whether or not they are affecting the aesthetic of your smile.  Did you know that “Silver” fillings aren’t 100% the silver you might think they are? You may want to think twice if your dentist in Sugar Land TX is still using them.     

What’s In Your Silver Fillings?    

It turns out that “Silver” fillings ,technically called Amalgam fillings, are referred to as “Silver” fillings because of their color.  In reality they are a silver alloy, which means silver is mixed with other metals to create the filling. Here are the metals used in a “Silver” filling:  
  Mercury (50%) 
  Silver (less than 50%) 

The first ingredient, Mercury, is now known to be toxic and has been linked to multiple health issues.

Health Issues Linked to Mercury   

There is evidence that indicates the mercury in “Silver” fillings can cause side effects from the uncomfortable to the down right unhealthy.  Here are just some of the health issues that may be linked to mercury toxicity from “Silver” fillings: 
  mouth sores 
  bleeding gums 
  abdominal pain 
  digestive issues 
  irregular heart rhythms 
  mercury in breast milk 
  thyroid complications 

These complications can manifest over a period of years as small amounts of mercury build up in your system. The good news is that these days, there are several other options if you need to have a cavity filled.  If you have preexisting “Silver” fillings, it’s easy for your dentist in Sugar Land TX to remove them and replace them with something safer.  

 Alternatives to “Silver” Fillings: 
 Gold fillings
 Porcelain Resins
 Composite Resins 

These alternatives are Mercury free and haven’t been linked to any major health risks.  A bonus of using Porcelain or Composite resins is they are barely visible and maintain the look of your natural smile. Talk to your dentist in Sugar Land TX about the alternative filling that’s right for you and your family.