Make your Child’s Greatwood Dentist Visit a Happy One

Does the mere sound of the word “dentist” send your child into a crying fit?  Here are some tips to help to make your child’s dentist visit a happy one. 

1.  The sooner the betterIt is recommended that your child see a dentist by the age of two. The dentist will show them the office and explain the equipment in a kid-friendly way. The dentist will also talk to your child about the proper way to brush to keep their mouths healthy.  If you start taking your child to your Greatwood dentist at an early age, they are less likely to be afraid.

2. See a Pediatric Dentistif you have tried taking your child to the dentist and the visit ended in tears, you might want to consider using a pediatric dentist. A pediatric dentist is specially trained to work with children and their needs. 

Look for a dental office with a relaxed atmosphere. A child-friendly office will use the “Tell-Show-Do” technique where they first explain to the child what to expect, and then demonstrate what they are going to do, then actually do it. They might also give the kids a “goodie bag” filled with dental care items geared specifically to them.

3. Stay out of the Way

As a rule, children behave better when parents are not present in the room during treatment, and it gives dental personnel the opportunity to build trust with your child. Stay in the room with your child for the first visit, and then allow them to go alone thereafter.

4. No Bribes

This is probably the hardest rule to follow because most parents use this as a last resort. Don’t offer rewards to your child for dental visits because it can send the wrong message. Children will believe that it is something unpleasant that they have to endure in order to receive a prize. Encourage them that the real prize is a healthy smile.

5. Be an Example

Parents and caregivers should be a great example of oral health. Encourage good dental habits at home by leading the way. Promote regular brushing and flossing because they minimize the need for additional dental visits beyond routine preventative care. Explain the benefits of healthy teeth and gums that are a result of routine checkups.

If you want to learn more about pediatric dentistry, contact your Greatwood dentist.