How Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Can Increase Your Confidence

A healthy and beautiful smile is a great way to increase self esteem and prepare for future career and personal success. Unfortunately, many people are self conscious about one or more problems related to their smile and it tends to hold them back in their lives. Cosmetic and family dentistry can be a great opportunity to correct these problems and to step out into the world in a new light.      
If you or someone you know avoids taking pictures, social situations or has poor self esteem all because of an imperfect smile, cosmetic dentistry can help. Simple procedures such as teeth whitening can make a big difference, while a more involved process of having porcelain veneers fit over existing teeth can also create a brand new smile. Not only will this boost a person’s confidence, but it will attract and impress others as well because of the new attitude a person will exude.     
The    Academy  of  Cosmetic Dentistry   determined that 99.7% of people polled admitted that they felt a good smile was an important social asset to have. Of those 99.7%, only half were content with their own smile. Simple, yet effective procedures are relatively affordable and are available at almost all cosmetic dentistry locations across the country. Braces (including nearly invisible models) can fix crooked teeth, implants can replace missing teeth and bonding can alter chipped or cracked teeth that have deteriorated over time.     
Taking the plunge and contacting a cosmetic and family dentistry location in your area can benefit people of all ages. Young children and teens in school will benefit as well as older adults who have put off their dental problems for some time. A new and improved smile can be a great stepping stone for the future.        

Teeth Whitening: DIY vs Done For You by a Greatwood Dentist

You want whiter teeth, but the sticker price at your dentist office scares you.   This is the biggest setback for many people who want to improve their smile. They want whiter teeth but they also like the feel of money in their pocket. A local Greatwood dentist can do this for you but some people prefer to try it on their own first.

The truth is at-home teeth whitening products aren’t always cheap, either. In order to be effective you need to purchase the products with higher peroxide strengths and those products tend to be higher in price than products with lower peroxide strengths.

In fact, what makes your dentist’s teeth whitening procedure so expensive is the fact that they are using professional strength peroxide. So, what’s the solution? How do you save the most money possible while still getting that bright white smile you desire? Go through these simple steps to make your final decision:

  1. Price the procedure at your dentist’s office. If you can afford it, go with it for maximum results. If you can’t afford it, move to the next step.
  2. Do some research to discover at-home products with higher strengths of peroxide.
  3. Price the higher strength products and go with the highest strength you can afford. This will likely give the best whitening results.

If you have any further questions and need a Greatwood dentist feel free to contact us at the office.