Sugar Land Cosmetic Dentist Brings New Life to Tired Smiles

Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes treated like an extra-benefit; nothing could be further from the truth. It is virtually impossible for you to have healthy teeth, and yet not have a healthy smile. Here at your Sugar Land Cosmetic Dentist, it is understood that all the “small” signs of your mouth, from bad breath to discolored teeth, may actually be clues that something is not going right with your teeth. Furthermore, your Sugar Land cosmetic dentist appreciates the power of a beautiful smile; both for the people you meet and for your own self-esteem and confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry entails the entire spectrum of teeth ailments, with teeth bridges and crowns, using the most current materials and techniques, to take care of your chipped, broken or missing teeth. Visit your Sugar Land cosmetic dentist even for relatively simple procedures such as teeth-whitening. This will be done with high-tech lasers that are perfectly safe, unlike the drugstore-variety kits that can leave your teeth feeling too sensitive to enjoy your favorite meals and properly brush. Without using any bleach, your cosmetic dentist will completely erase years of discoloration brought on by any number of factors – without any side-effects.

Other ways to recapture and brighten your smile involve procedures ranging from the fully-reconstructive tooth crown (which can restore decayed teeth to a beautiful white sheen), to invisible dental aligners, which can push teeth back into a uniform smile. The tooth crown can often be a comprehensive procedure that identifies any problems too small to see with the naked eye, and helps your Sugar Land cosmetic dentist map out a plan for restoring your tooth and smile. The dental x-ray used in determining this will spot gum disease and even tumors growing far from view. The dental aligners give both kids and adults an option which was unavailable in the 80s and 90s; you can now have the appearance of a beautiful smile while they work to slowly correct your true smile. Furthermore, they are easy to remove for cleaning and eating, unlike the metallic braces back then.

Don’t let yourself worry about the options you have available for getting a new smile, and keeping you from truly engaging the people you meet. Your Sugar Land cosmetic dentist has the tools to tackle any dental problem and get you smiling with confidence again.