5 Ways to Avoid Yellow Teeth- Cosmetic Dentistry Services Available

Discolored teeth are probably the least desirable feature on anyone. Many people who suffer from this are insecure to smile or carry on a normal conversation due to embarrassment. Although there are people who are more genetically prone to this; others can avoid it by educating themselves on the causes.

1. Brush Your Teeth!  This is rule number one. Inadequate brushing and flossing to remove plaque and stain-producing substances cause tooth discoloration. Accumulation of dental plaque and tartar can also give the tooth a stained look.

2. Quit Smoking!  Smoking or chewing tobacco are the top offenders. Tobacco products can stain teeth and also give you a serious case of bad breath. Nicotine stains are very difficult to remove over time and cosmetic dentistry services might be needed.

3. Watch What You Drink! If you want a nice bright smile stay away from coffee, tea, colas, wines. Coffee/tea stains can be removed by simple hand scaling by a dentist, but the coffee/teas stain over years might be difficult to remove. Teeth whitening or bleaching might help with those stubborn stains.

4. Watch What You Eat! People who regularly consume heavily pigmented foods (such as blueberries, cherries, cranberries or soy sauce) will notice a staining effect on their teeth. In fact, if you regularly consume something that if you drop or drip it may stain your clothes, it’s possible that over time it can have a staining effect on your teeth.

5. Flouride!  Excessive fluoride either from environmental sources, such as in local water, or from excessive use (fluoride applications, rinses, toothpaste, and fluoride supplements taken by mouth) can cause teeth discoloration.

There are other factors that cause tooth discoloration that might be beyond our control.
For example, as we age the upper layer of enamel wears down exposing the yellow color of the underlying dentin layer. Chemotherapy or exposure to radiation may also cause enamel decay over time. Excessive fluoride use in can also be a source of discoloration.

Whatever the reason, ask your dentist in Sugar Land, TX about their cosmetic dentistry services.