Sugar Land Dental Implants vs Bridges | The Debate

Just like everything else in life, there are dental decisions that we have to make.  And if you live in Sugar Land dental implants vs bridges might just be that question.

Dental Bridges vs Implants

When thinking about dental bridges vs implants, you must first know all about the advantages and disadvantages of both because in the end that is how you can make the best decision for yourself.

Dental Bridges



While bridges can be the cheaper route to go with and your dental insurance might even pay for the whole procedure, it is not necessarily the best for your teeth.



When you have a dental bridge built, your dentist is cutting down other healthy, adjacent teeth to secure the bridge to.

Bridges are not permanent and are only estimated to last for 10 years. It must rely on the surrounding teeth.

A bridge relies on other natural teeth that are still vulnerable to decay and disease.

Since a bridge relies on two other natural teeth more pressure is placed on the jawbone which does not allow for stimulation and in turn, the jaw begins to shrink.

Flossing bridges can be time-consuming and sometimes extremely difficult to do.

Bridges can be noticeably un-natural looking.


Dental Implants



Implants will not affect the surrounding teeth, which can stay completely healthy.

Implants provide a permanent solution to tooth loss as they bond with the jaw bone and become a part of it. It becomes as strong as a natural tooth.

Implants are made of titanium and are not susceptible to decay or disease.

Implants are placed in an area that does not have any teeth, which allows for stimulation which in turn prevents long term bone loss.

Implants help with in-between the teeth dental care and are less time-consuming.

Implants look like natural teeth.



Implants can be more expensive.


When comparing dental bridges vs  implants it is best to go with dental implants. However, if you are looking for the cheaper way to go, you should check into bridges. But you will certainly get what you pay for and while bridges are cheaper, implants last longer. So in comparison, which one is really cheaper?