Afraid of Seeing A Greatwood Dentist? See How Times Have Changed!

Dental fear is also known as dentophobia or odontophobia, and it is a fairly common one affecting up to 75 percent of American adults by some accounts. As a result of their terror of dental visits some people may wait until they have an emergency before visiting the dentist. Emergency visits often require more serious procedures which in turn may be more painful, which contributes to the phobia.

It is a cycle of fear, and as a result the person’s dental health suffers. What if there was a way for a person to avoid having to deal with their horror of the dental procedure? Well, if you are among those terrified by dentistry, there is an option: sedation dentistry provided by a Greatwood dentist

Sedation dentistry, as the term implies, involves the use of sedation (heavy sedation, if needed) to keep you calm while you are undergoing a dental treatment. The degree of sedation depends on the your degree of dentophobia. A patient with a severe anxiety may require enough sedation to render them fully unconscious. The sedation not only helps the patient overcome the trauma of a dental visit, it also helps the dentist control the patient’s movement, thus enabling them to more efficiently administer treatment. Other benefits to getting sedation dentistry from a Greatwood dentist include controlling your gag reflex if it is especially sensitive, as well as the fact that it takes less time to undergo complex procedures.