Sugar Land Dental Teeth Whitening

A lot of the more enjoyable things in life happen to stain our teeth. From the Coke you enjoy with a meal out to the coffee you drink in the morning, a lot of things take the sparkle away from your teeth. The good news is dentists can now whiten your teeth without changing the structure of the teeth.

Here at Harrell Dentistry, we have Sugar Land teeth whitening services to help you achieve that winning, whiter smile you’ve been dreaming of. Our Sugar Land dental experts conduct teeth whitening procedures that effectively improve the color of your teeth and remove stains caused by various factors.

The options for teeth whitening are very similar to one another, but some are more effective because of their method of delivery. Some procedures expose the teeth to a higher concentration of whitening material, which also makes them more effective.

Have you ever tried over-the-counter teeth whiteners? They are not as effective as the treatments you receive from a Sugar Land dental expert because they have lower concentrations of whitener material.

There are two primary ways a dentist can go about whitening your teeth:

  1. Tray Whitening: An impression is taken of your teeth then a customized tray is designed just for you. You then put whitening gel into the tray and place it over your teeth for a few hours each day. The length of time it is worn will depend on instructions from your dentist. Some people experience sensitivity in the teeth when doing tray whitening.
  2. In-Office Whitening: This is the most effective way to whiten teeth because it can be done in a single session. Your dentist may choose to use laser, Zoom, Britesmile, or another type of treatment depending on your teeth and your situation.

Our Sugar Land teeth whitening services include extensive consultation and examinations in order to determine the right type of whitener for your teeth. Our concerned dentist takes into consideration the results you wish to achieve and studies the possible treatments for positive results. He also walks you through the available options for your situation and helps you arrive at the best informed decision.

If you’re considering teeth whitening, it’s best to study your available options and choose the one that can best achieve the results you want. Our dentist can give you expert advice on teeth whitening and recommend effective treatments for your situation.