Intro to Veneers

This is a cosmetic option that allows you to get a dazzlingly smile without waiting for transformations. A veneer is a very think porcelain or resin shell that is bonded to the outside of the teeth. This bonding makes the teeth stronger while improving imperfections that bother you.

There are three things that can be accomplished with veneers:

  • Your teeth can be made whiter
  • The shape of your teeth can be adjusted
  • The position of the teeth can be changed

This is just an aesthetic fix since you are bonding on porcelain or resin to change the appearance, rather than actually changing the teeth themselves. Little to no tooth structure is removed when doing veneers in most cases. This is considered one of the lightest forms of cosmetic dentistry available today.

If you want to improve your smile, contact our dentists and come in for an evaluation today.