Notes on Extractions:

  1. There will be a gauze pad over the extraction site. You need to keep pressure applied to this pad for an hour after the procedure. If you are still bleeding at the end of the hour, place fresh gauze over the extraction site and continue applying pressure for another 45 minutes to one hour.  The bleeding should stop by then.
  2. If you are supervising a child after they have gone through an extraction, make sure they are not biting down on their lips or tongue while numb. This can cause damage since they can’t feel the bite.
  3. Watch what you eat and drink on the day of your surgery. You should not eat or drink anything hot and carbonated beverages are off limits. Do not drink from a straw, either. You should stick with soft, cold foods like warm soup, yogurt, milk shakes, and juice for the first 2-3 days after the procedure.
  4. Do not rinse your mouth, brush your teeth, or spit on the day of the extraction. You may begin brushing again the day after the procedure, but be gentle with the floss.
  5. It is normal to fee some pain or see some bruising and swelling around your lips. This is especially common after extracting impacted wisdom teeth. You can use prescription pain medication if needed and holding an ice bag on the area can help.
  6. If you have been given medication, take it until it is gone.
  7. If you go through a more complex extraction procedure you may be given special instructions for aftercare. For instance, it is common to wear an ice wrap for the remainder of the day after surgery when you extract impacted wisdom teeth. You should wear this pack for 10 minute periods with 5 minutes of rest between. Do this until bedtime the day of surgery, and then take it off.

If you are bleeding excessively, have extensive swelling, or are in extreme pain, please call the office. If you experience an emergency, call 911 for help.