Notes on Gum Surgery

  1. It is common to feel some pain or experience swelling and bleeding after the surgery. You may also experience a loss of feeling or your tooth may feel as if it is loose.
  2. Take all prescribed medications as ordered.
  3. The day of the surgery, keep an ice pack on the surgical site. You should leave it on for 10 minutes then take it off for 5 minutes until bedtime.
  4. Do not miss the follow-up appointment so your sutures can be removed.
  5. Do not try lifting the lips to see the surgical site.
  6. You can brush your teeth in all areas of the mouth except the surgical site. Do not brush the site of surgery.
  7. Do not spit or drink from a straw the day of surgery.
  8. Stop smoking for at least a few days after surgery.

If you are concerned about anything or have questions, do not hesitate to give our office a call. If you experience an emergency, call 911.